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Q: How does a VPN work? What are the benefits?
A: A VPN is a secure encrypted connection between your computer and one of our servers. Once connected you are assigned a new IP address. By using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) account that we provide, you will be able to access the internet through a secure encrypted connection to our servers and bypass ISP restrictions / censorship. The service is easily set up on most computers your data is sent via a so called encrypted "Private Tunnel" to our servers. A VPN Service provides an Anonymous, Private and Secure Internet connection. VPNaccounts.com is a leader in anonymous web surfing solutions. many people don't realize and understand the importance of anti-spyware and anonymous surfing programs that protect your online identity.

Q: Are there any system requirements? How do I configure my computer?
A: Our service will work with computers running on Windows 2000/XP/Vista & MAC OS X. No software is required to use our VPN service as we utilize the VPN feature already in your computer operating system. Once you signup, we will send you all the VPN account information required to set up a connection to one of our VPN servers. You will follow some simply instruction to set up the vpn and enter the login details that we will email you once payment clears. NO installation required!!

Q: Does it also protect other protocols like ICQ, Mail or FTP.
A: Once you are connected to our VPN server, all programs use a virtual network interface, which protects all programs that access internet on your computer.

Q: Do you block users from accessing torrent Sites & P2P software?
A: No, With vpnhere service, can accessing torrent Sites,No band limitation.

Q: Can I use VPN on public computer?
A: Yes you can run it on any computer, but you will need superuser privileges to be able to configure and establish network connection.


Q: How can I check the location of the VPN server?
A: You can use www.ip2location.com to locate the server. some websites may locate the server in other locations wrongly, you should know that they have old databases.

Q: I can't connect to the server. What should I try first?
A: If you are unable to connect to the VPN server here are some quick things to consider. (1) Type account details don't copy and paste and note the CAPS in the password if any. (2) Try both PPTP. (3) Delete the VPN Connection from your computer and recreate it. (4) Reboot the computer and restart the modem/router. (5) Please check the router settings and make sure TCP Port 1723, IP Protocol 47 (GRE) are opened. The router should have "PPTP Pass-through enabled". (6) Disable/configure firewall such as Norton, Zone alarm, onecare by adding the server IP to the "trusted" list.


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