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If you experiencing an issue, please be as clear and provide as much detail as possible when explaining the problem in order to better assist you with a solution.

Provide Error numbers as well as the computer operating system you are using and inform if you are using an internet security program such as Norton Interner Security, OneCare etc ...In most cases the issues are related to computer firewall or router blocking the server IP address.


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Cheap and Fast USA VPN, Only $4/month


No bandwidth per month
Monthly Fee: $5  per month         

Quarter Fee: $10 For 3 months   


All VPN 200 IP’s in one account US|UK|EU|JP|CA|HK|TW|SG|KR|AUS|India

$10=One Account=12 country server=200 IP's

VPN Plan One (USA,UK,ASIA 200 IPs)

UK,USA,HK,korea,Japan,Brazil,Singapore,India,Thailand,Malaysia,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT
Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.
Monthly Fee: $10 per month         

Quarter Fee: $27 For 3 months     


VPN Plan Two (USA,UK,EU,ASIA 200 IPs)

Thailand,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT

Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.

Monthly Fee: $12 per month      

Quarter Fee: $32 For 3 months  


Compatible with:

  • Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/Windows 7
  • Mac OS X 10.2 and higher
  • Linux, IPhone, WM Smartphones
  • Any PPTP compatible device/software

      Check How to setup VPN at here


Amazing, Buy one account get so much country VPN server, works well. Graeme UK


"I don't know anything about VPNs but by using VPNHERE.COM service I was able to easily setup a connection. Thanks for providing such a great service!" Alex UK .


I use vpnhere for privacy and file transfer services. vpnhere has provided me the privacy I need at an affordable cost. Setup was easy and customer was excellent. I'm particularly impressed with the level of communication I receive regarding the status of my connection and when switching servers. It makes it easy to get what I need done when I want to do it.    Albany  USA


vpnhere PPTP Works pretty good so far. I just think it is a little to expensive. You guys should have a shipper plan with less time connected limit. Like 1 our per day or something like that.   Kevin R.   Brazil


Connect through USA IP Great Service. Fast connection, Easy setup and excelent support. Thanks!  Bjoern T. German




Enjoy TV Channels with VPNhere






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