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Why Do Some Countries Block VoIP

Why do some countries block VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a question that many people in countries such as Belize, Oman (Muskat), UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc), and many others with Internet restriction policies are asking. It seems that this innovative and cheaper way to call people from other countries can even be restricted in places like the US and Europe, which are believed to be non-restrictive when it comes to Internet usage. Well, countries with quite stringent Internet censorship laws, such as those from the Middle Eastern countries, claim that websites are being blocked primarily because of content that disrespects the state and the values of Islam. Using our services you can acccess blocked sites and bypass isp proxy servers!

If local values and culture are the main reasons for preventing people from accessing websites, then these are not enough to explain why do some countries block VoIP. Truly, people with Internet access will most likely use websites that allow instant online messaging and web-based voice calls because using such platforms can be cheaper compared to using landlines when calling friends and families from around the world. But in countries where the telecommunication systems and Internet service are monopolized by state-owned companies, access to VoIP is usually blocked because such online service can significantly cut revenues from overseas calls.

Indeed, according to experts, the answer to the question why do some countries block VoIP is quite simple. In a country such as UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc), where there are many foreign workers, allowing VoIP would spell disaster for the bottom line of state-owned telecom companies Etisalat and DU. So, even if places like Dubai are considered as open cities and are being marketed as tourist havens in the Gulf region, there is little hope that VoIP and other instant online messaging services will ever be allowed in the near future. In Oman, the story is quite the same. The Omani government is promoting the country as an open country, but VoIP services are being blocked by Oman Telecommunications Company primarily to protect earnings.

In the case of Belize blocking voip, the Telecommunications Limited Belize is not only preventing access to sites that provide VoIP. The country is also blocking other sites that offer free messaging and chatting services. More than anything, the reason for the censorship is the impact of these websites to the company's net income. For people who are living in areas where VoIP and similar services are blocked, the question should not be about why do some countries block VoIP. The right question is actually how to access blocked sites. And the answer to that question is virtual private network. Click here to unblcok voip 


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