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Vpn server

Today there is many Virtual Private Network (VPN) services with various price. Some of them is a new company / services based on whois record. Even there is a service that start since 1 week ago !! That can be suspicious or advantage for us.

Here are some list of cheap VPN services.

When we going to choose VPN services, so this is some factor that we must carefully and ask to provider before using their services.

1. Encrypted Level Security

When we decided to using VPN service, most reason is because we need secured connection beside to unblocking ISP or Government restriction. Many VPN services offer an 128 bit encrypted secure, and the other offer 2048 bit !

2. Open VPN and Normal VPN (PPTP)

Open VPN using SSL which is 2048 bit while normal VPN is 128 bit. This is not mean the normal VPN that using method Point To Point Protocol (PPTP) not secure, but for some information securities PPTP is not recommended although many home user decided to using PPTP because they think dont need open VPN level secure which is most using by Company user .
3. VPN Speed and Server Specification

Open VPN is more slower than normal VPN, but beside that, we must knowing what is server specification, and data center of VPN service. VPN service commonly use 1 single server to shared for many VPN user, so this is can be impact to quality of connection.

4. Shared IP and Dedicated IP

This is depend to your purpose. If using VPN just for anonymity, unblock ISP restriction or for common secure connection while you on public wireless so shared IP is enough. But when you need to build an private connection (VLAN) you must choose dedicated IP.


All VPN 200 IP’s in one account US|UK|EU|JP|CA|HK|TW|SG|KR|AUS|India

$10=One Account=12 country server=200 IP's

VPN Plan One (USA,UK,ASIA 200 IPs)

UK,USA,HK,korea,Japan,Brazil,Singapore,India,Thailand,Malaysia,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT
Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.
Monthly Fee: $10 per month               
Quarter Fee: $27 For 3 months          
Semiannual Fee: $55 for 6 months   

Annually Fee: $100 for 12  months   


VPN Plan Two (USA,UK,EU,ASIA 200 IPs)

Thailand,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT

Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.

Monthly Fee: $12 per month                
Quarter Fee: $32 For 3 months            

Semiannual Fee: $60 for 6 months    

Annually Fee: $110 for 12  months    

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