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How to Secure Connection

When connected to the internet from home your connection is secure if you are on a secured network. If your wireless connection is an "open network" and others can connect to it without a password than you are not connecting securely to the internet.

By using a public hotspot (open network) you are sending and receiving all of your traffic in an unencrypted format. The signal will travel past everyone within the range of the wireless signal and it is all readable by a hacker running a sniffer on their computer.

On a sniffable network (Unsecured network) anyone with a sniffer can record the information you are sending and receiving. You may already have used such networks in hotels, cofee shops, etc. You may have been lucky so far and you never know when your data gets sniffed.

For hackers, sniffing is easy and you should encrypt everything when using an unsecured wireless network. If you dont have a solution, it is best to avoid using the wireless network unless you are simply going to browse the interent.

Our VPN services allow you to protect yourself by encrypting internet traffic between you and our servers.


All VPN 200 IP’s in one account US|UK|EU|JP|CA|HK|TW|SG|KR|AUS|India

$10=One Account=12 country server=200 IP's

VPN Plan One (USA,UK,ASIA 200 IPs)

UK,USA,HK,korea,Japan,Brazil,Singapore,India,Thailand,Malaysia,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT
Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.
Monthly Fee: $10 per month               
Quarter Fee: $27 For 3 months          
Semiannual Fee: $55 for 6 months   

Annually Fee: $100 for 12  months   


VPN Plan Two (USA,UK,EU,ASIA 200 IPs)

Thailand,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT

Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.

Monthly Fee: $12 per month                
Quarter Fee: $32 For 3 months            

Semiannual Fee: $60 for 6 months    

Annually Fee: $110 for 12  months    

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