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Unblock VoIP Applications like Skype

What is VoIP? It is voice over internet protocol! Essentially you use your internet connection to make phone calls. Using VoIP you can save money on both domestic and international calls.

The service we offer has many advantages and one of which is that it allows you to place VoIP calls when the ISP (Internet Service provider) blocks the internet VoIP signal. This is common in some countries such as United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Belize.

Why do some countries block VoIP? By blocking VoIP on the internet network, you are forced to use their services and pay fairly high per minute rates! We know how everyone would like to save a bundle on international calls using VOIP Voice over internet protocol and we are happy to inform you that we cant help you!

A regular US VPN account or UK vpn account will work very well with Skype and other non SIP based voip providers. If you are going to be using a SIP based VoIP application you would need a VPN for SIP softpones. We do not offer support for VoIP devices such as Vonage.

If you do not currently use voip applications, it is a program that you install on you computer that allows you to make international calls at very low rates. For example call USA, Canada or most european countries for as low as 1.9 Cents per minute! That is fantastic and all you need would be a VPN account and skype to make skypeout calls. It can be downloaded from Skype.com

Other VoiP programs include: Gizmo, Jajah, Live messenger, Wengo, Google Talk, Voipbuster, Freecall, Yahoo! Voice etc.

Some Oman Cities:

1. Muscat
2. Khasab
3. Nizwa
4. Sohar
5. Salalah
6. Dibba
7. Sur
8. Jibreen
9. Dhofar
10. Ibra
11. Tiwi
12. Matrah
13. Wadi Shab
14. Wadi Bani Khalid
15. Ras Al Jinz
16. Musandam
17. Ghul
18. Barkah
19. Seeb
20. Masirah

Some Cities in UAE

1. Abu Dhabi
2. Ajman
3. Al Ain
4. Dubai
5. Fujairah
6. Khorfakkan
7. Muscat
8. Nizwa
9. Ras Al Khaimah
10. Sharjah
11. Umm Al Quwain

Capital of Belize

1. Belmopan



All VPN 200 IP’s in one account US|UK|EU|JP|CA|HK|TW|SG|KR|AUS|India

$10=One Account=12 country server=200 IP's

VPN Plan One (USA,UK,ASIA 200 IPs)

UK,USA,HK,korea,Japan,Brazil,Singapore,India,Thailand,Malaysia,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT
Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.
Monthly Fee: $10 per month               
Quarter Fee: $27 For 3 months          
Semiannual Fee: $55 for 6 months   

Annually Fee: $100 for 12  months   


VPN Plan Two (USA,UK,EU,ASIA 200 IPs)

Thailand,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT

Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.

Monthly Fee: $12 per month                
Quarter Fee: $32 For 3 months            

Semiannual Fee: $60 for 6 months    

Annually Fee: $110 for 12  months    

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