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Unblock Youtube

YouTube is notoriously popular.  Created in 2005 by three former Paypal employees, YouTube is now one of the most famous streaming video sites ever created.  To give you an idea about the immensity of YouTube, there are now 100 million viewers and 14.8 billion videos viewed to date. 

YouTube is a multi-faceted video exhibition that focuses primarily on movies, music, education, and independent creativity. Enriching the lives of countless numbers of viewers, it continues to shine as an advantageous and lucrative content exhibition. YouTube originally established itself through public notoriety and serves as a valuable source of demographic information.  Commonly searched keyword statistics depict what consumers want to see and the ever changing interests of the world.  Demographics present YouTube with insight they need to create suitable content and cater to popular interests. 

This video and audio content network is incredibly easy to use and master within minutes.  The strong point of this network is in it's size and simplicity, easily allowing anyone with computer video footage to upload and share their life with the world.  Sadly, many people abuse the freedom of YouTube and upload various forms of copyrighted content.  This copyright infringement is uncontrollable in a free for all content medium such as YouTube.  So, YouTube had to get crafty.     

Advertising on YouTube has recently been introduced at the bottom of the videos, primarily instrumented because of copyrighted material being blatantly broadcasted on the site.  With billions of ten minute videos being viewed, it was decided to generate additional revenue from the site.  Since the introduction of this newly constructed advertising method, popular musicians are demanding they receive their cut.  With top performing advertisements creating six figure incomes, it is the majorities opinion the artists should recieve the lion's share of this newfound revenue.

What's next for YouTube?  With modern technology and increasing collaboration of electronics, you may soon see a more interactive YouTube.  Interactivity and instant gratification play a huge role in all lives, on and off the Internet.  If there is a way to have more fun, make more money, and increase levels of overall satisfaction, it's going to happen.  Watching a video while simultaneously interacting with it's surroundings represents uncharted market territory.  Interactivity wins over recorded content a million fold, and it's only a matter of time before seeing this technology is commonplace.  Meaning, the possibility exists but has yet to be capitalized by a subscriber base as large as YouTube's. 

In some countries of the world, videos on YouTube are a banned form of viewable content.  Censorship structure, designed for the common good of their countries, see YouTube as a means to create insubordination and political or religious slander.  Countries with these censorship restrictions view the majority of todays content to be a crime against God as well as their way of life. Using a VPN connection, everything you do will be anonymous and encrypted via our servers located around the world. You would be able to access bocked sites and if YouTube is blocked you can unblock YouTube.


All VPN 200 IP’s in one account US|UK|EU|JP|CA|HK|TW|SG|KR|AUS|India

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VPN Plan One (USA,UK,ASIA 200 IPs)

UK,USA,HK,korea,Japan,Brazil,Singapore,India,Thailand,Malaysia,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT
Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.
Monthly Fee: $10 per month               
Quarter Fee: $27 For 3 months          
Semiannual Fee: $55 for 6 months   

Annually Fee: $100 for 12  months   


VPN Plan Two (USA,UK,EU,ASIA 200 IPs)

Thailand,Taiwan VPN ACCOUNT

Combined server account, access more Country VPN account.

Monthly Fee: $12 per month                
Quarter Fee: $32 For 3 months            

Semiannual Fee: $60 for 6 months    

Annually Fee: $110 for 12  months    

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